Tuesday, May 3, 2011

wireshark Filters

I was messing around with wireshark today.You have two kinds of filters:
Display filters and capture filters. Capture filters are especially important if you don't have alot of space and post processing 'power' on your laptop/pc.

Display Filters samples:
Only display packets sent to or received from
Filter 1: ip.addr ==
Filter 2: ip.src == or ip.dst ==
Only display packets sent to
Filter: ip.dst ==
Only display packets sent from
ip.src ==
Only display TCP port 53 packets
tcp.port eq 53
Only display TCP port 110 or UDP port 53 packets
tcp.port eq 110 or udp.port eq 53
Display packets from every IP apart from
ip.addr !=
Only display or DNS traffic
arp or dns
To see POP passwords
pop.request.command == PASS
To display FTP commands including USER and PASSWORD:
For displaying ALL frames with the word PASS in them:
frame contains 50:41:53:53

For the capture filters, the same sort of format is used. Please follow this link on how to go about some of them....a good third-world-networker needs to know his/her way around wireshark or whatever you use for packet capture.

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