Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cloud what?

Look If you are one of those bozo CIO,CTO,CCC,CKT or whatever acronym that will make me rich by moving your stuff to a cloud while concurrently being thoruoughly clueless about it, please:

1: Get my contacts right. You might forget it during a meltdown and I need the money.....
2: And this is important, learn,read up on cloud services, what they are, what to do when the clouds go 'poof' automagically. Just because jesus rode one doesn't make them fool proof.

Seriously guys, you still need redundancy, you still need to think about the design and you most definately need regular audits no matter who is providing the service to you. Yet another reason I don't advocate for Kenyan companies hosting anything outside our borders....especially if its mission critical like those idiots who installed systems that monitor 'patients pacemakers' in the 'clouds'.

If you are a network admin, get clued in on this 'cloud thing', its gonna be bread and butter alongside IPv6. Start small, install vmware, mess around with esx, steal a nexus switch or oh well justlearn something to sound intelligent when the friggin' cio/cto wants to talk cloud....
I especially liked this one:

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