Monday, May 11, 2009

Interesting turn of events

so after the mandatory 72 Hr wait I get to know whether my two years of toil paid up. I say this because I can't book a lab till the results are posted....otherwise I passed.... And that has to be one of the most challenging 2+ hrs sitting for an exam ever...can't wait for an 8hr lab...though at least i can now concentrate on the lab, first i'll take an assessor from cisco, then map out a plan.

I can only imagine what I'll fell like after passing the lab... The race to actually get a lab slot by October is on, Im pretty sure most if not all are taken.

Things i hated about the exam:
- can't go back to previous questions...arghhhh...
- OSPF and multicast really had me at a corner. I spent too much time on those areas for my comfort.
- I woke up late, didn't have breakfast and I was not even allowed to chew gum during the exam:-)

My wish list:
- that for the full lab fee, I get to do the open ended qustions from home (prometric)and not have to travel so far.
- that i get a lab slot in Dubai or brussels before Oct 18.

oh well...let me go for lunch....