Thursday, May 12, 2011

KRA data center woes

Kenya Revenue Authority's data center had a power upgrade go wrong and affect several services by disrupting the supply chain of goods, specifically there are widespread fears that this could trigger another fuel crisis, or worse be used as an excuse for one.

Looking back at my escapades with data centers, many many lessons have been learnt. The one that tends to ring true over and over again is how power and its design is important in a data center. Trying to recover services especially poorly documented services can take ages.

It also brings home the fact that no matter what scale of services you are running, business continuity is not something to take lightly. Make all the critical data centers and services fully redundant.

I cant think of a single excuse a revenue collecting authority can have for such an outage. none. the technology and any other resource that might have been a limiting factor several years back is now widely available.....oh well I guess this is a good time to brush up on data center wont be fun...too much has changed, and remained the same...which means mega confusion

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