Tuesday, March 20, 2012

EANOG - Current BGP best practices for IXP's

Oh my, how fast a month goes by:
We have yet another EANOG meeting. I expect a lot more people this time:

EANOG Meetup
Past event - this one was LTE by Huawei - awesome day!
Topic: BGP best practices for IXP's.
Speaker: Michuki Mwangi
Cost: Free
Snacks are sponsored by DataPosit
venue sponsored by Ihub.
After talk beer sponsored by you:-)

Date: 24th March

Time: 9:30 am
This talk is a lead up to a training session to be organized by TESPOK on BGP for IXP's.


Michuki will review the Internet Exchange Point best practices focusing on BGP. He'll take questions; as many as you may have. You'll also help answer questions.

EANOG is your community, participate,learn grow.
This is our second meeting this year. The last one on cloud computing was very well attended.
We thank you all for your efforts and suggestions on how to improve on things.
Please share the event on other lists.

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