Friday, February 27, 2009

what was cooking today:

after the csg/ggsn exploits, the better part of my week is freed up. I like it when I do something and the impact is felt almost immediately by customers, the feedback is quite refreshing.

An assesor lab some time back showed me weak on IPv6, multicast and i need to polih up on L2 technologies.

Either way I think Im still on track for the CCIE. time to start redirecting my finances towards this goal. This is probably going to be the most painful one since money is hard to come by.

anyway,,...I was on the following links today for other reasons mainly work related, and since its slowly becoming clear that data center networking might be my next bread and butter:-)

**Yes I had nowhere to book mark the pages and needed a quick reference point...:-)

Configuring Enhanced Service-Aware Billing - on the ggsn ( i deal with mobility so ggsn's sgsn,s are sort of my main dish:-)
Technical Resources for the Enterprise - Cisco Design Zone
Data Center Assurance Program (DCAP) 3.0
Protocol Compliance Statements for the CSG 3.1(3)C7(1)
Cisco DCAP Data Mobility Manager (DMM) Design Guide (External)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CMX CSG upgrade:

Today had me doing an MOP for some upgrades. This is for a cisco CMX running on a 7613 chassis. It assumes you plug in a CSG module on slot 13 and it doesn't have the right software installed but you have it on disk0 on the supervisor.

Next I will show how to put it together with some ggsn's, configure and test billing for mobile users.

Directory of disk0:/
5 -rw- 4736628 Jun 25 2008 02:33:06 +03:00 c6csg-apc.31-3.C7.7.bin

The above shows the image we want is in disk0
Now make the file above accessible via tftp as follows:

CMX1(config)#tftp-server bootflash: c6csg-apc.31-3.C7.7.bin

Now the file above can be reached and picked via tftp by the csg. Another alternative is to use our tftp server.

CMX1#session slot 13 processor 0

The default escape character is Ctrl-^, then x.

You can also type 'exit' at the remote prompt to end the session

Trying ... Open


www.C o n t e n t w

www.S e r v i c e s w

www.G a t e w a y w


CSG> dir


upgrade slot0:|server-ip-addr filename

ping ip-addr

show ...

copy coredump tftp|rcp ip-addr filename [rcp-user]

capture [on|off]

pktlog ...


CSG> upgrade slot0: c6csg-apc.31-3.C7.7.bin

Upgrading System Image 1

CSG ExImage Nov 8 2007

R/W| Reading:lam_ppc.bin..DONE Writing:lam_ppc.bin..DONE

Read 13 files in download image. (13,0,0)

Saving image state for image 1...done.

CSG> exit

Good Bye.

[Connection to closed by foreign host]

You should get output similar to the above.

CMX1# hw-module mod 13 reset

When the module comes up sh mod should give the output almost exactly like below:

CMX1#sh mod

5 0001.c9dd.0f5e to 0001.c9dd.0f65 1.4 3.1(3)C7(7) Ok

That’s it your CSG is upgraded.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

stil on track

Ahhh Im still on track for the ccie, had an assessor lab - still need a bit of lab time- though work has really intruded on my time table. However the work has mainly been fun appart from a few 'people' related political annoyances. I have also learnt how important some politics is to get some jobs done so I won't complain much.

Im rerouting my finances to cover for the ccie. Giving it a single shot and I don't see why it should not be passable by year end.

Im done with most of the books, so labs from now on, probably upgrading some hardware (ive been at work alot lately and the current laptop can't hack more than 5 routers on dynamips). so a new one is in order (pre-exam gift):-)