Monday, April 11, 2011

8 June, 2011 - World IPv6 Day

I hate that this blog hasn't focused a lot more on ipv6. I take solace in the fact that mobile networks are not going to ipv6 soon (mainly out of ignorance if you ask me), Infact I suspect they will have to be forced to use it since no one will be thinking about it if the decision is left to the guys I see making current decisions in the telco space (imagine if apple released an IPv6 only iphone).

Mobile operators stand to benefit the most from IPv6 mainly from M2M applications/communications. Incidentally People so afraid of change are unfortunately in charge of moving us forward (from the regulator to the operators). Focus on mobile number portability has wasted lots of time. a few people saw it as the dead end it seems to be.

Its a clear case of the blind leading the sighted:-) I see it in the whole industry, there's alot of talk in mailing lists about 'issues' but no action *Please read disclaimer below if you're about to rant*. Politics doesn't get work done.

It will be a consultants field day:-) when IPv6 gets forced on the networks. Closer to home, we have some internet peering but dont have a single service on IPv6 (2c0f:fe38::/32): from the cable and wireless looking glass you'll find us represented:-) I would really like to have some IPv6 pdp contexts activated, an IPv6 dmz, to test end to end mobile IPv6.

inet6.0: 5546 destinations, 31745 routes (5535 active, 0 holddown, 14 hidden)
+ = Active Route, - = Last Active, * = Both

2c0f:fe38::/32     *[BGP/170] 2w3d 09:10:07, MED 0, localpref 80
                      AS path: 6453 33771 I
                    > to 2001:5002:100:4::2 via ae0.1404

* so yes our network is IPv6 ready, we can definately provide IPv6 connectivity but we again haven't really tested any service - yet, and you wont have many places to 'go' to that areipv6 enabled. I however wish you'd begin testing. Believe me you'll save money in the near future.

we haven't progressed the IPv6 initiative as much as we should have in Kenya either, the network guys seem ready. The local exchange point has a bunch of us IPv6 peering, but we as yet have no applications running on it - apart from DNS and hmm I wonder if the google global cache reachable through KIXP is IPv6 enabled.

tracing to the uses our international link so I guess not, or I used the wrong fqdn.

Primary#traceroute ipv6
Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to 2A00:1450:8002::93

  1 2001:5A0:C00:100::35 [AS 6453] 292 msec
    2001:5A0:C00:100::15 224 msec
    2001:5A0:C00:100::35 248 msec
  2 2001:5A0:2A00:100::1 [AS 6453] 180 msec 180 msec 180 msec
  3 2001:5A0:2000:400::2 [AS 6453] 188 msec 188 msec 184 msec
  4 2A01:3E0:FFF0:400::D [AS 6453] 188 msec 188 msec 188 msec
  5 2A01:3E0:FF80:100::9 [AS 6453] 200 msec 196 msec 196 msec
  6 2A01:3E0:FF20::3A [AS 6453] 196 msec 220 msec 196 msec
  7 2001:7F8::3B41:0:1 [AS 6453] 200 msec 228 msec 200 msec
  8 2001:4860::1:0:10 [AS 6453] 228 msec 200 msec 200 msec
  9 2001:4860::1:0:8 [AS 6453] 208 msec 208 msec 204 msec
 10 2001:4860::8:0:2AC3 [AS 6453] 212 msec 212 msec 212 msec
 11 2001:4860::2:0:87D [AS 6453] 212 msec 208 msec 220 msec
 12 2001:4860:0:1::25 [AS 6453] 216 msec
    2001:4860:0:1::23 212 msec
    2001:4860:0:1::25 220 msec
 13 2A00:1450:8002::93 [AS 6453] 208 msec 212 msec 208 msec

I hope and wish to have a full IPv6 DMZ (dns,smtp,ntp,pop,www,wap,looking glass etc) by the IPV6 day.

So...scoot over to the isc . its important to note here that whether we like it or not, among others, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Cisco, Akamai Technologies, Limelight Networks, W3C, Bing (Microsoft), Tom's Hardware, Rackspace, Verizon, and Juniper have committed to participating in the experiment (wikipedia).We will all participate if our users visit sites affiliated with the networks above. so we might as well do something about our infrastructure.

what are you doing about it?

I am not directly responsible for this infrastructure at work anymore but I'll definately make a concerted effort to ensure our customers don't get caught off guard. and now Im sleepy:-)



    they seem to have done an interesting experiment along the same line that the next one will follow. The results are interesting

  2. here's a list of issues you might encounter on the day. The date is On 8 June, 2011, i suggest you add it to the title.

    you are also right, a lot of people will help discover bugs on those networks IPv6 infrastructure. Using the same day to test yours makes sense. keep us posted on the dmz,I suggest you make it public so many more benefit from it....