Sunday, April 10, 2011

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and other things Im catching up on

Sundays tend to find me at home just hanging out with friends. Today was extra great I did just that with a bonus. I've met someone new (to me) that might very well join my 'the circle of trust'.

We (happened to be all CCIE's) - note Kenya has 7 8 CCIE's so getting more than 3 together is always quite interesting - we basically threw ideas discussed the current networking trends, opportunities, where we are, what we are, who we are, how things are done here vs how they happen elsewhere whether there's opportunity to do better than others etc etc....well obviously this paragraph has nothing to do with SDN...

SDN (software defined networking) is an NGO promoting change in the way networks are run and managed.

It's based on openflow, a relatively new protocol and its supported by some of the biggest users and buyers of networking equipment. Looking at the list of  members this evening tells me that this will be a definite game changer in the future.

Soon I hope to get to test the protocol. Indigo have a list of supported hardware. The opengear sounds like something I might just have. If I get at least two, we'll give it a test drive. Either way the idea of commoditiz'ing networking gear is very appealing.

anyhow here's a list of places to check on openflow:
  1. : this podcast here is a good start
  2. : openflow networking website
  3. : Ivan's analysis of the same
  4. : on networkworld
  5. : A company actually making and hoping and I believe will sell the switches
  6. : and another one
also there's a Linux Software Reference System which lets you run openflow on a linux pc with multiple NIC's. Expect something on openflow here at some point in the future. When working with SME's, i expect cheap networking gear like this to feature prominently. Mikrotik is so far my favorite, we'll see how openflow and SDN fare.

*Other areas I'm trying to catch up on:-
  • IOS-XR - on CRS-1's
  • NX-OS - this one will be tricky. Rumor has it that our new data center (an area I'm weak in) will be running a couple of Nexus. I might have to make new alliances to get a hold of some switches running NX-OS. I am totally clueless on this and can't wait to just power one up.
  • LTE - I just ordered three books on LTE (Safari doesn't have much on this). So in a months' time I'll be focusing on it. I might very well move to the section dealing with LTE at work if only to get a grasp of what the vendors are doing. the base level knowledge will have to be read though.

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