Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Network management - Technologies that make it bearable

IP Anycast: Widely known for its role in DNS. Arguably there would have come up a technique to scale DNS to the levels it has. Anycast however has proved to be so resilient It never made sense to change it.

DNS: Imagine having a network of several hundred nodes. You need DNS to give meaning to the IP addresses. A traceroute for instance showing the interfaces, nodes,buildings traversed is more meaningful in the middle of the night just before you start pulling your hair than a bunch of IP's showing you a path to a blackhole.

SMTP: for sending email from systems.

SMPP: for sending SMS in the same manner SMTP does.
Perl : for making sense of log files.
SNMP: we all use it so I won't spend much time on it. I however in the end show while trying to understand myself how the MIB's and OID's come together. different versions etc.

the coming posts (next two weeks) will focus a bit on anycast, its other applications, a few analogies etc...then we'll get on to DNS a service so key in network management that seems to work for some but not for others and why people really don't use it when they should be using it, sample ways to automate zonefile generation etc....How it fits in with IPv6....

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