Friday, April 1, 2011

ccsi...Im coming....

The kind of knowledge/education required to get to the higher levels of expertise I aspire to takes years to acquire. Sometimes even experience doesn't cut it. I finally figured/decided that adding training/teaching to regular work will probably work best - for me...!

How I think training works well:
A) I'll get to read so deeply and critically into the literature of involved topics and their sub-topics till I become an 'expert', and I get to know I am one directly from the reaction from trainees.(yes more than during a ccie because now you get questions from more people for more than a cumulative 8 hour period:-))

B) Being able to approach any and all vendor provided literature, RFC's and other technical material with the ability to simultaneously maintain the thought that "this is such a load of crap" and "this is the best paper/rfc ever written!" with my mind all the while coming up with ideas to justify each position.

now if only there's a clp this side of the sahara to sort out some pesky learning partner requirements for a ccsi!!!! Seriously I expected it to be easier than I am finding it.... so if you know a cisco learning partner in Kenya (hmm does it actually matter?)..leave the name and number on the comments....(yes I obviously haven't looked around much)

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