Thursday, April 7, 2011

The cisco tool bar,bad strategies?? - good riddance

It was a really happy happy happy surprise and will be a happy happy happy happy haaapppy day come 15th April if indeed the damn cisco toolbar jingmathingie goes away. I hate it, hate the way it takes up my notebook screens space, hate the way its rendered (I use a linux desktop) hate the way it moves around as I try to focus on a sentence or a word my brain can't process...and just in case you think Im alone just have a look at the number of bloggers waiting with bated breath:

while at it they removed something else that really bothered me:

now if only they can sort out the fact that a simulator for educational purposes (especially XR) works for them not against them... Chambers already accepted here that their strategy was wrong before....not letting guys have access to IOS for educational reasons is a bit medieval, so is hiding simulators in san jose....

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