Wednesday, April 13, 2011

why designing networks is cool!

When companies engage a network designer be it in house or a consultant, one of the most beautiful things is that post implementation feeling; there's always a change. Mostly for the better. The value is visible, the ROI immediate - well almost.

Quite a number of design recommendations are left out, compromises are made, its very engaging. Also, as was with the last major design work I undertook, some companies do actually get into the design process with a clear understanding of the role they must play, what is required, the support they must accord and a willingness to let their networks be transformed by it (the process). I'll also add having the right engineering team to push some good decisions that look unnecessary to the management is sometimes necessary.

There has to be a management solidly behind innovation, new technologies and technique of doing things. For instance the choice between eigrp/OSPF or ISIS should really not start a debate with management ditto anycast vs load balancers for some services? let the guys decide and justify their design.

Good design also happens to be a single element in the overall system. It has to be supported by the business. It has to influence the business, It has to be fed by the business, it has to fit into it's culture, support its products.

In the end its fun watching a good design get implemented, its even better watching others work on it, change things, enhance it, grow it. It's very satisfying.


  1. This is by far my favourite part of my job.

    The biggest lift to me is when everything works exactly as I intended it to. I also love it when it's even better than our clients expectations.

    So much runs on the network these days. Do a good job on that and almost everything can seem better :)

  2. Hey thanks Darren....and good luck on your ccie mission....