Saturday, June 18, 2011

third world networker's guide to Defining Nightmares

Every single day I get up, go work come home, routinely in the past, I would take my bike out for a spin in the dark in the morning, on the weekends after long work weeks,and ccie study Jack and I would fortnightly head out for a hike and just marvel at nature.

I had huge 'fears' of losing my job. Didn't know why, still don't. Casual conversations with friends and relatives about how much I really hate/hated feeling that way always ended up with 'so what you gonna do?'. They still do. trying to tell them to stop projecting their fears on me does'nt work.

I have been jumping off cliffs, bungees, riding downhill (yeah if you look very very very closely on the attached video you get to see me)..and generally being very mavericky with my life a lot. had fun at it too.

trusty old bike
Well of late, I find myself dragging my feet to work. Probably need a lengthy holiday to recharge.

this year probably with wildfitness or if all goes well a destination far far away.

I'm not bored - i think, still love it, but arghhh....the farm is much more fun now, great stuff going on there, and I haven't gone for a single biking event this year. I have to wonder why I'm even working right? I mean thats the normal rational thing to ask yes? what is it all for?

oh well the pancakes today were awesome, and I'm taking the old bike out damn it....and tomorrow if weather permits, I hit longonot for a no not having a 'job' is not a major nightmare, not enjoying it is, not doing and enjoying things you used to sucks, feeling lethalgic, almost sick is a nightmare....go recharge....

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