Sunday, June 19, 2011

Third world networkers guide to an idle sunday

Im trying to figure out where to go for lunch. A friend is at Osteria (Karen) and its tempting, but a family event will probably get in the way.

So obviously since my brain refuses to rest, I kept asking whether my profession currently really makes a difference in the world. It's silly really considering what the networks we've build over time have done.

951 was a revolutionary service, people in extremely remote places didn't have to drive for miles and miles looking for a cyber. I design/ed networks that carry more than 50% of all voice traffic in Kenya, more than 70% of data.

My grandmother uses these things, I know a farm planning on using sms to trigger irrigation systems (Automation is too much and its hard to automate the rain), I have cycled to Mombasa for yes I feel pretty good about myself today and its a beautiful day...too beautiful to keep reading up on datacenter 3.0.....Im heading out...


  1. can you send some passion fruits my way.. please!!!