Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy world IPv6 day

The desired effect after today for me is:

- Wider recognition that IPv4 whether we like it or not will not work for the next 'internet'. Can't scale, won't scale for the future.
- Massive large scale complaints from customers to jolt executives awake on IPv6. this is unlikely if you the network guy has done his job well. (see how you are your own bottleneck for progress)?
- Mobile network Operators need to realize that IPv6 affects them more than most. IPv6 will be heavilly used on mobile devices. (home automation devices, sensors, handsets, POS,atm's etc etc).
- if you are a cio/cto/ceo don't assume your guys have not been doing anything about IPv6. Just ask nicely. we hate it when you sound clueless. we're supposed to look up to you. Just ask something like; 'hey gitau, how far are along are we with ipv6? can we offer something to customers? maybe invite a few for trials?' can we put something together for the media? yes and yes and yes...probably not the answer you expected. Remember you probably heard about it the other day, gitau has been quietly working on this for +5 years.
- AFRINIC while holding a lot of addressing resources for us can't guarantee business continuity for your network should some killer apps be hosted and implemented only for IPv6.
- Laziness will get us nowhere. Ignorance is not an excuse either.
- IPv6 is a cliff we third world networkers should jump with the rest of the world. If we get left behind, we'll miss out on experience and the opportunity to be 'with it' as its happening. jump with the rest of the world.
- At lunch yesterday, someone suggested we (AFRINIC) just goes ahead and sells/auctions off all IPv4 addresses remaining to stop the illusion that we can survive with IPv4.

- IPv6 education needs to be taken seriously.
- Organizations can expect some IPv6 brain drain.
- Widespread collaboration has to be enforced. We need in organization, in country, in region forums discussing this issues. Policy has to embed futuristic thinking.
- Corporates need to embrace and promote IPv6. Sponsored events should be encouraged.
- Don't accept any design without IPv6 considerations. don't.
- Don't host with guys without IPv6. Even 'clouds' should be ipv6 aware.
- Install and run an IPv6 DMZ. start with DNS.
- Apply for your IPv6 addresses today. Make sure its provider independent. If you'd like to know how and why you need this, leave a comment. I can cover how to go about getting IPv6 space.
- Start peering with IPv6. Ask your service provider for IPv6. It should be free. I really hope no one charges to connect, peer or give customers IPv6 addresses. I know most have no policy on this. Just demand for it the same way you do for other services.
- Ensure your infrastructure is v6 ready. do an audit. maybe I can help. throw me a comment.
- Talk about IPv6 in your next meeting. just add it as an FYI.
- call safaricom, they have some really clueful guys when it comes to these things and i'm not just saying it.

In the end the fact is there will be change. plan for it and deal with it. Otherwise IPv6 will be the gift that keeps giving to consultants from your pocket.

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