Thursday, June 2, 2011

Musings on career progression

Well woo hoo...2 months since the ccie....its been fun. We're now done with hey congrats and pats on the back to silenced whispers that go 'why the heck are you still here'?....seriously! Im shocked at the number of people that expected me to leave my current role/job. I hope its not a vibe I put out because from a technical point of view, It's one of the best jobs. I command the respect of everyone that I care for, and as far as networking and my line of work is concerned, I really am well on my way to the top of the pack.

Last week I helped a 'friend' deliver an IP/ethernet backhaul class' that went really well. Next week I'll be speaking at afnog, one more long life dream to be accomplished and definately the beginning of something great.

So what next....?ehh i'll do a separate post for that.......

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