Monday, April 30, 2012

Thoughts on the IPv6 for African Operators webinar

It started out well with 60 attendees.

My slides are available here:

ISOC will post the recording. Apart from the duration being too short I think it went well. Consider my power went off just after we started (I blame murphy and his laws), I got back on the IPAD and it worked out pretty well. By the time my presentation was due we had 'juice' back up.

So overall I think the ISOC and AFRINIC folks did a fine job with the event.

The concepts IPv6 presenters showed, their examples and implementations will certainly have a hand in shaping how we do networking and general internet stuff --how we get to that end to end port to application nirvana and what that destination really looks like is a bit less certain for most people. But that can be remedied with time. I just hope we dont run out.

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