Thursday, April 12, 2012

EANOG a few updates

The last BGP session by Michuki was very well attended. Thanks. I'll keep this short.

- We have the domain. If any of you volunteers a server for us to host a small site at that would be nice. Just somewhere we can announce events and keep updates running. If one of you can go ahead and design such a site. we'll appreciate it very much. No we have no money to pay but our eternal gratitude and feel free to throw in your logo on the list of sponsors.

Michuki doing his bgp thing

- IHUB allowed us to use the venue every third saturday of the month between 9:30 and 11:30.
 I suggest you get there as much as you can if nothing else for networking. If you would like to give a talk/presentation, please let us know. I think its perfect for you to start out doing this sort of thing among your peers. It tends to lead to happy places.

                                                                                                                                                                     - Topics we have found interesting are in the following areas:
+network management
+Routing (we probably need to give tutorials from novice to advanced for this).
+MPLS - TE/VPN's etc
+Network design
+best practices
+Cloud and related infrastructure.
++Whatever interests you.

We're trying to come up with the entire years calendar so use this thread to give suggestions.

For those coming to Gambia, we're still looking for papers/presentations. For those hoping to get to do that sort of thing, go ahead, prepare something, start with eanog. You can slowly grow your confidence.

This months meeting is on the 21st. We'll confirm.

Photos from that last session: 
video if/when it finishes uploading will be on:
twitter: @3rdworldnet
youtube: 3rdworldnet

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