Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why I got back on the ccie wagon!

Well my written had expired, pursuing it (the ccie) was no longer fun -I have had more exciting projects this year- and other areas of my life were not keeping up with the extensive study required to get the ccie lab done.

However: I find that there are now several good, quite good reasons with actual practical application to go back to it. So I re-took the written v4 -twice (I had underestimated and grossed over some topics! assembled an actual lab and I think Im in pretty good form to go for the lab now.

And yes the main motivation is now a job swap or go independent. After this project Im working on (a huge major mobile core redesign/migration from the good old tdm to the IP wonders featureing a no small number of CRS-1's (P) and 7609's (PE)) - throw in multivendor CE's and the fun just never stops. I can only foresee boredom and trouble tickets after this :-( unless something changes within the organization (from structure to compensation policies).


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