Thursday, November 11, 2010

Seneca: Moral letters to Lucilius

Ahhh the folly of road construction and fiber cuts:-) while I totally thoroughly don't mind the infrastructure build going on in the country (Kenya), the near total outages we're suffering due to fiber cuts are raising very interesting questions....and halted some of my work:-)

How do you build a redundant national fiber infrastructure?
how come the builders didn't know or allow for this sort of thing happening?
Is there room for new players?
whats my role in all this?
will the local counties benefit from this ?
and many many more

so I drifted to Moral letters to Lucilius/Letter 22 mainly just to kill time and maybe get in touch with my inner self.....I basically have nothing to write today....but I felt I had to fill the space:-) no the letters and the fiber cuts are not related either:-)

anyway interesting words from the moral letters:
11. My dear Lucilius; there are a few men whom slavery holds fast, but there are many more who hold fast to slavery.
12. But if you keep turning round and looking about, in order to see how much you may carry away with you, and how much money you may keep to equip yourself for the life of leisure, you will never find a way out. No man can swim ashore and take his baggage with him.

*PS I read these letters during boring endless time suck's called meetings...

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