Wednesday, December 2, 2009

what next...

So after the lab, I had to come back to work, all my pending projects, any pending school work, my neglected girlfriend all had to be caught up with and told that it's not over yet.

The girlfriend and other friends were very understanding, my bank statement and employer tended to disagree. So im catching up on projects now till January.

Im in the middle of interesting/challenging projects. Some are fun like implementing a multivendor mpls core (Huawei/Cisco) first in a test environment and later on our main network. (I'll probably post a list of all relevant commands later). Huawei is becoming an interesting 'partner' for african networks. Im also in an interesting bet with a friend on the future of Wimax with LTE hot on its heels. Im making notes elsewhere but will share once i migrate to my own website some time in the future.

the guys at Internetwork expert have me covered on the training and in January the plan is to take a full bootcamp to sort out the the troubleshooting for the R&S ccie.

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