Wednesday, December 2, 2009

21st sept 2009....

So I went out to brussels took the lab and was immediately humbled by the experience. Everything was falling into place very well until the last 3 hours of the lab when I discovered a 'fatal' mistake made immediately after lunch. I have a few tips after that experience. All have been mentioned, Im just stressing their importance:

1: read the entire lab before you type a single command.
2: verify after each section. This turned out to be most important for me.
3: The OEQ's are a no brainer, at least for me I didn't see anything out of this world.

So its the troubleshooting section for the new format that has me a bit jittery.

I picked on the ones that really affected me. I currently feel like Gollum/Smeagol, we want my precious ring 'back':-) will take the 4.0 R&S (for everyone that i had told Im moving out CCIE SP, that will have to come after RS, i've invested too much on this to give up now:-)...

see you around....

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