Sunday, March 8, 2009

CCIE motivation

today is a dark dark day, last week was a bit of an anti climax for me, trying to sort things out so I can afford the LAB, figure out the best place to take it (down to brussels, India and or Dubai)... Im thinking some place I havent been and a sibling might be visiting India hmm why not India for the ccie?

anyway''''my morale is pretty low today, I think its just the thought of getting up to go to work tomorrow, I'm actually starting to look at the CCIE as a means to just switch employers, and do something more intense, challenging...anyway.. cant concentrate much so re-running lord of the rings...hah I also went to an asian fruit market and bought a bunch of froots...., ahh yes also confirmed the order and hopeful delivery of a triathlon kit .

Im done rumbling....oh yes also made payment for the written in April:-)

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    just a reminder for when I need a nice article to set me back on track:-(