Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Red carpets and when not to roll them

 Stuff happening to me lately has me thinking quite hard about how to go about hiring and retaining in the future! for everything from farm workers to tech workers. So this (see link below) story sort of had a nice little place in my morning. or Im just weirding the soon to be freelance jitters!

"We hit the first snag when the our then lead architect felt threatened by Ryan.  The lead architect was blocking new ideas.  Ryan was junior and didn’t want to tell me but I was able to pick up on it by listening.  I had to make a choice.  Ryan was much more talented but less experienced.  But I knew that paving over the problem with a few extra bucks wasn’t going to solve the problem.  We chose to move Ryan to be the peer of the lead architect.  Within a few months the lead architect left.  We were fine with it – I didn’t want to lose Ryan."
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