Tuesday, November 15, 2011

East African Network Operators Group - EANOG

For a long time I have wanted to have meetings where the dominant discussions are around networking and networkers in general.

The main objective would be educational, but at the same time would give vendors a chance to talk to engineers about newer technology they are playing with - like openflow, vxlan,nvgre and products on the sidelines.

Engineers would get to talk and share their experiences.

So today we fired the first shot in the dark. An invite to the IHUB (directly opposite uchumi ngong road) on saturday the 19th at 2pm. If we get even 10 people interested, this ball will start rolling.

There will be obvious issues along the way. Top off my head is how much time can I/we (Riyaz and I) commit to this endeavor in the beginning before the group gains traction?

How often do we meet? what do we discuss? (I expect what to discuss wont be an issue). What if we dont get sponsors? do we even need those? can we put together a community lab? community wi-fi? are we doing ok as networkers? how many ccie's are in Kenya? etc etc....see you there....

So in a nutshell we're forming an educational collaborative forum for the coordination and dissemination of technical information related to networking.

We'll leverage alot of what AFNOG is doing with more frequent meetings.

Everything from broadband, data centers, security, mobile networks, IP, openflow,wi-fi and anything under the moon we deem important will be open to discussion.


  1. could the meeting be within the CBD....i feel would be convenient for most of us.

  2. The idea was to get a venue for us to start. I'll take up venue as an agenda. Most of our activities will be online so don't worry too much about exclusion for now. Deep dive meetups/trainings will try and take to account your convenience.

    Happy to see more people using freebsd:-)

  3. Good idea John see you are still committed to moving packets john kamau

  4. Hey John
    Its been a slow lazy year for me ... so Im setting the tone for next year this time for everyone:-)

  5. I will attend, are there any charges ?