Thursday, March 17, 2011

CCIE Laziness

I think I have what I can only call "Post CCIE Syndrome": Symptoms include :

- Sleeping early, getting up late, having breakfast without panicking because you seem to have forgotten under what circumstances a default route cannot be injected to different OSPF areas.
- Occassionally slapping your face to confirm 'its not a dream, the 8 hrs happened and you passed'.
- Somehow having time to go to the gym, say a smiling hello to the neighbors (who hated you for being a snob).
- General cheer and high energy levels - if you passed, low energy levels if you failed (Imagining that you'll go through it all again sucks).
- Having time for girls/boys/dogs/cycling/hiking....
- Wondering where all the money people say you get after a CCIE is...(My CCIE debts are astronomical).
- but the one that really gets me is how lazy I have become. Yesterday I watched day time TV (I swear I could feel some IQ points flying away as a consequence but who needs those for another week right:-))...


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