Monday, April 12, 2010

Cisco SAMI blades....and ASA 5580's

I have worked for the last 3 or so years now with the cisco GGSN/CSG aka CMX (Cisco Mobile Exchange) supporting gsm,gprs and UMTS on the 7613 platform.

The old boxes were getting sort of old and tired, They also have the new ASR5000 (starent acquisition) that I believe to be by far more superior than what they were pushing.

Anyway pending some decisions, cisco being the nice guys they are actually sent some brand new toys for me to test. Please see attached....this is going to be a great week:-) I get to lab up the entire topology and integrate the new toys:-)

**Last three images are the sami blades

I also get to play around with the Cisco ASA 5580 with GTP inspection licence. Now this has been on my wish list for a while now. Swapping out the almost old firewalls for re-deployment will be easy. The fun is mainly in the higher number of supported interfaces and their capacity (10G), the gtp inspection will save our GGSN's quite alot of resources....oh well some photos (yes I opened them up to see what's in there).....

I'll post a review of both next time.....
I have some requests for easy to understand terms when dealing with gsm/gprs/umts mobility....I'll see about that too...Its just so wide I don't know where to start so if you have some ideas please let me know....

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