Friday, February 27, 2009

what was cooking today:

after the csg/ggsn exploits, the better part of my week is freed up. I like it when I do something and the impact is felt almost immediately by customers, the feedback is quite refreshing.

An assesor lab some time back showed me weak on IPv6, multicast and i need to polih up on L2 technologies.

Either way I think Im still on track for the CCIE. time to start redirecting my finances towards this goal. This is probably going to be the most painful one since money is hard to come by.

anyway,,...I was on the following links today for other reasons mainly work related, and since its slowly becoming clear that data center networking might be my next bread and butter:-)

**Yes I had nowhere to book mark the pages and needed a quick reference point...:-)

Configuring Enhanced Service-Aware Billing - on the ggsn ( i deal with mobility so ggsn's sgsn,s are sort of my main dish:-)
Technical Resources for the Enterprise - Cisco Design Zone
Data Center Assurance Program (DCAP) 3.0
Protocol Compliance Statements for the CSG 3.1(3)C7(1)
Cisco DCAP Data Mobility Manager (DMM) Design Guide (External)

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  1. By the way this was quickly resolved by moving/rearranging modules on my chassis....weird but it worked and i got back to my books....