Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What is this about?

Well I just completed a ccip, I did this mainly to renew my ccnp/na. Having worked on cisco gear for well over 5 years now, I figured its about time I pursued a ccie. - there's the added fact that one of my friends just cleared his ccie a few months back so the motivation could be just trying to match my skill in a lab. BTW Kenya by my last count has just 3 CCIE's, I know one; I'd really like to know the other two and when they certified. I'll need tips. Im taking a few days to collect as much info as I can and make a clear plan and put together some materials....

The one advantage I have apart from the experience is the fact that I have a ready rack and dynamips will more than make up for anything I can't get. No i don't have concrete exam dates, but I should be done with the written by end of January '09, (Im shockingly with some time to spare and dedicate to reading this december and january) - the lab depends, if the company i work for agrees to sponsor me then May/June is my timeline, otherwise slowly saving towards the exam/travel etc etc will probably push me to October....more on this later

No the posts won't be all cisco, or ccie ... I tend to do alot of work on ggsn's, sgsn's, 3G, HSDPA, cycling, biking,living etc etc some system administration and anything I feel might be of help to someone else will definately show up here but hte mainthing will probably be note taking :-)

Comparisons and posts on how things work here vs there will be quite welcome. we for instance still rely on satellite for 'internet', a small network in North America would probably be the biggest here....so for instance dimensioning for a network is a bit different especially if done by consultants remotely....


  1. Good luck with the journey. Must be quite worth it if there are only 3 in Kenya. Will you be pursuing RS or SP?

  2. RS....I was initially going to tackle the SP but realized a ccip alone wouldn't get me there. So I'll start with R&S in 2009 and probably do the SP a year after depending on demand and my work/school schedule.