Thursday, February 7, 2013

random notes on LTE and mobile trends

The announcement that the government, indigo and microsoft are teaming up to utilize tv white space for LTE caught me by surprise.  

This is a very welcome move. There is quite a bit of what I consider misinformation that LTE is expensive or can only be done by Telcos or used for end users only - you can use it as a mobile backhaul is a use case not discussed enough. I think that most of it is informed or uninformed by ignorance and over time I'll be proved right. Based on the current install base and spectrum hoarding by most operators, no one has an incentive to lead the LTE adoption unless someone piles on some pressure on either current or future earnings.

On the other hand, new entrants trying to get into a largely untapped market can and should deploy LTE. Current LTE implementations have interesting issues, VOICE is a big one, Voice over LTE (VOLTE) is as far as I know not yet standardized. Then there is indoor penetration of the 2.6GHz and that pesky business case. *why greenfield operators try to do things like the incumbent beats me.

So while Im happy with the development, Im curious how they deal with things like battery life (on mobile devices), number/size of frequency bands and hand off (i'm expecting some backward compatibility with gsm/umts....

On another note, Cisco released their 2012 - 2017 global mobile traffic update. I think you should go there and have a look. They look more realistic than past forecasts. For a deeper analysis go here --->

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Monday, November 19, 2012

sliding back in the game 2013 will be awesome !!!!!

It happens, to each and every one of us sometimes several times in a lifetime. Every once in a while especially as you get older, we all get called upon to do something. Many times over it tends to be outside your comfort zone. I believe in challenges, especially when I start to feel 'settled', or bored; Probably both.

It could be a new life complete with relocation, a new job, a new business, a new spouse, the future could be anything. Sometimes its by choice or forced on you like a whack you in the ass diagnosis that forces a lifestyle change. Sometimes it is standing your ground for something we personally believe in. The majority might never see it your way, but change happens, and for each change unless you are very very lucky, something or someone always gives.

Well friends, another transition beckons. My self imposed retirement is over; or I ran out of money:-) speculate some in the comments. Either way the tardis is firing u, just about to take off and when the doors open I'll be sure to see you around some more.

Over the next couple of days I will bridge the gap on what I was up to whats next etc was a really good year:-)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Random thoughts

For the past couple of months, I've been quite humbled by how far the SP community had moved without me. I visited Gambia for the AFNOG conference, this time I stayed for the entire gig. Made two presentations and sat on a panel then of course the main plan was to teach the AR-E (Advanced Routing) class; I ended up learning alot more than I ever got to show or teach.
Team AR-E

Philip was truly an inspiration and if some day I can do slides at half the rate he produced the 'design module' for the AR-E class, or be as confident with some of that material, I will be quite happy with myself. *and thats yet another confirmation that being a CCIE can be quite rubbish without some real world in the woods bare knuckles cli combat experience. Lots of it if you are going to teach which explains my interest in teaching/contracting.

It was definately a great opportunity for quiet reflection too (having  a beach close by helped), The fact that I still need more exposure to get any good was obvious. There is no way to land any of those 'big' contracts as a free lancer - so something to think about.

Since the EANOG is supposed to mirror AFNOG, we had a nice chat on how we can make the group truly east african.We have a working plan for this.

Leaving Safaricom was a big deal for me. It was time to head out and experience the world. I am quite open to any opportunity. However as far as full 'permanent and pensionable' jobs are concerned I would only be interested in two scenarios. One is being fully employed by an 'own' business ie one that I own an actual stake in or well I'm sure you can guess the other one. Other than that I'm more than happy with 1 month to 1Yr contracts or just hanging out at the farm:-).

Meantime? I will work on my presentation skills,teaching skills, interview as much as I can (getting interviewed is a great way of knowing what companies want) and definately upgrade my technical knowledge. I suck at all of them at the moment, I will however get better ..... see you around

Monday, April 30, 2012

Thoughts on the IPv6 for African Operators webinar

It started out well with 60 attendees.

My slides are available here:

ISOC will post the recording. Apart from the duration being too short I think it went well. Consider my power went off just after we started (I blame murphy and his laws), I got back on the IPAD and it worked out pretty well. By the time my presentation was due we had 'juice' back up.

So overall I think the ISOC and AFRINIC folks did a fine job with the event.

The concepts IPv6 presenters showed, their examples and implementations will certainly have a hand in shaping how we do networking and general internet stuff --how we get to that end to end port to application nirvana and what that destination really looks like is a bit less certain for most people. But that can be remedied with time. I just hope we dont run out.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

IPv6 for African Operators webinar

I'll be part of a webinar on Monday discussing IPv6 for African Operators.

My passion for Ipv6 is known to a number of you. This is a nice opportunity for all of us to share with everyone else since most of the webinar is dedicated to a Q&A.

I will upload the slides for those who miss out and for those that will be over at Afnog next week ( ), I plan to go through the same more extensively.

I think it will be informative; you and your 'crew' should join in and throw in your ideas or at least start thinking about it a little bit more seriously.


Monday, 30 April 2012, 13:00 (UTC). (I this would be 16:00 GMT ) however, participants are advised to log in half an hour earlier in order to ensure that their connection works properly.

I noticed they erroneously still have my name and Safaricom on the same line. For those that notice it (well you all will now:-) just ignore it.

Here is the link: